Memoir 2.0

ATPM 17.11 Cover Art

“Reincarnation. Rebirth.” © 2011 Mirko Von Berner

The November issue of About This Particular Macintosh is online, featuring my review of Memoir 2.0:

Journal, diary, notebook: call it what you will, but every writer—established, aspiring, or just-do-it-for-yourself—has to have one. It’s the place where you record private thoughts, jot down ideas, and capture snippets of dialogue. And while it’s doubtful that any technology will totally replace a pencil and paper, software-based diaries have been around for years. Memoir is one such application.

Read the rest, along with several reflections on the legacy of Steve Jobs, a comment on iPhone contracts in the UK, a segment on “The Green Screen Experience,” a review of Comic Life 2.0.6, plus desktop pictures and new “Out at Five,” “Qaptain Querty,” and “The Spinning Beachball” comic strips at


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