My Most Productive Blogging Month Yet

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March was my most productive month to date on Fatherhood Etc. I’ve established a three-to-four post-per-week average that I hope to maintain each month. Here are a few of my more popular posts:

“I Loss My Toof” (March 12)

Anna lost her first tooth Saturday night. Another milestone among many in the last year. A joyous event that for us is streaked with sadness.

Anna’s been looking forward to this for months . . . (and) the long wait ended Wednesday night. We were in the car on our way to pick up dinner. She was sitting in the backseat eating a fruit snack when it happened.

“Something’s wiggling.”

“Is it a tooth,” Julia asked.


Today, Call Me David O’zab (March 17)

A list of ten random thoughts and observations on the Feast of St. Patrick:

1) I have a variant of this conversation every Saint Patrick’s Day:

“So are you Irish?”

“Can’t you tell by my name?

“Your name’s Irish?”

“Of course it is: O’Reilly, O’Hara. O’Malley, O’zab!”

I get a chuckle every time, but my response is only half-joking. I really am part-Irish. The Fitzgerald part to be exact. I’m Norman Irish, which means I’m distantly descended from Vikings. Maybe it would be cooler to be Celtic, but the Fitzgeralds were traditionally labeled as “more Irish than the Irish themselves.” I can settle for that.

I Still Miss the Terrible Twos (March 24)

The Terrible Twos were followed by the Repeating Threes, The Questioning Fours, and The Contradicting Fives. Each stage was worse than the one before it, and I found myself looking back with wistful nostalgia . . . (but) I have now reached the most infuriating phase yet: The Silent Sixes.

“Hey Anna, do you want to go to the park?”


“Anna, I asked you a question.”


“Never mind.” I start to walk out of the room.

“Father, can we go to the park please?”

She really lays it on thick now when she wants something. I take a deep breath.

“Anna, I just asked you the same thing and you ignored me.”

“I didn’t hear you, father.”

Parenting as a Vocation (March 31)

Wednesday, I was interviewed on Catholic Radio Northwest by “In Person” host Dina Marie Hale . . .

We were talking about Holy Matrimony and the marital vows, and I compared them to the life vows taken by monastics. I used the traditional Benedictine vows as an example: stability, obedience, and conversion of life. While these are not the literal vows of matrimony, they parallel the marital vows in a way that demonstrates the similar ground on which these—and all—commitments made before God rest. The marital vows also extend to our relationships with our children, growing into unspoken parenting vows as well.

Read these and the rest of my March posts at Fatherhood Etc.


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