The Life of a Freelance Writer

May brought the last issue of About This Particular Macintosh. It also brought this news:

MyEugene’s editor and publisher, Jaculynn Peterson, (has) resigned due to an out-of-state relocation.

“Personal circumstances have required me to relocate to Washington,” said Jaculynn Peterson, founder of the hyperlocal news website. “There was no realistic scenario that could include my ‘virtual’ participation in the day-to-day operation of MyEugene – even with the prospect of two potential partners based in Eugene.”

Peterson also announced that MyEugene, now in its fourth year of operation, was open for new ownership.

I returned to ATPM in May of 2011 after a long hiatus. I started writing for MyEugene a month later. At the time I saw long-term writing opportunities in both, and now my involvement in both face an uncertain future.

A successor site may be in the works for ATPM. It’s too early to know for sure: many of the contributors—including me—have expressed an interest, but who knows if the interest will sustain a new endeavor? Part of what ended ATPM’s impressive run was the difficulty a group of dedicated volunteers had in finding time amongst growing commitments elsewhere.

A new owner is almost certainly out there for MyEugene, but beyond that it is impossible to know what will come next. The infrastructure is there—guest contributors, advertisers, and a loyal readership—but whether I personally fit in with the new MyEugene remains to be seen.

May has also brought some great news: another excerpt from my book will be featured in an anthology due out from Civitas Press late Summer, 2012. This will be my second published excerpt, following “Truth at the Benefit Sale” in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Devotional Stories for Tough Times, which was released last Fall.

And this is the life of a freelance writer, whether good or bad: nothing is permanent. Actually, that’s life in general; perhaps it’s just that freelancers deal with instability and impermanence more frequently than anyone else, and so we expect it.

Unlike everyone else, we’re not surprised by it.

So now I’m off to Mount Angel Abbey for a weekend retreat—a fortuitously timed trip—and I can take a few days to pray, to write, and to let myself be open to what comes next.


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