Twelve for ’12

A digital clock at 12:12

Photo: Flickr/Nico lab

In the spirit of all those obligatory end-of-the-year roundups, here is a list of my twelve favorite posts from Fatherhood Etc. (one per month) over the last year:

Six Years Ago Today . . .

On my daughter’s sixth birthday last January, I looked back at the first few moments of her life and my awkward yet well-meaning first attempts at fatherhood. I’ve gotten better at it since then.

Mother, Bride, and Daughter

Does Christianity have “a masculine feel” as John Piper claimed in February, and, if so, where does that leave the women who followed Jesus to the cross and the tomb? Or the innumerable female saints? Or the women who witness God’s love in my own life and throughout our world today?

“I Loss My Toof”

Anna reached another milestone when she lost her first baby tooth in March. For her, it was a cause for celebration. For us, it was “a joyous event streaked with sadness.”

The Future is Now

My first twenty years a s a Redskins fan was a story of annual playoff contention highlighted by three Superbowl championships. The next twenty years was a litany of frustration and failure. Last April’s draft brought hope to me and millions of other long-suffering fans in the person of Heisman-trophy winning quarterback Robert Griffin III.

GOP Madness, a Look Back

Primary? Tournament? Carnival? The GOP nomination process was all of the above. In May, as it drew to a close, I looked back at the hilarity through the prism of a clever graphic that I can’t take credit for, but enjoyed riffing on.

Mutual Obedience

In June, author and blogger Rachel Held Evans hosted a Week of Mutuality Synchroblog. My contribution was an updated take on the Benedictine vow of obedience, recast as an argument for mutual listening within a marital relationship.


In July, Anna participated in a photoshoot for Smile Oregon with several other cleft kids of various ages. Seeing the kids playing along the sandy north bank of the Columbia that evening, I was reminded how beautiful all children are.

Remembering Karlie

In August, Anna’s speech therapist Karlie Geiser-Hobson was killed in a tragic auto accident on Highway 126 between Eugene and Florence. That month, I shared a fun story from one of Anna and Karlie’s therapy sessions and brought back some happy memories during a very sad time.

Delicious Lemonade

This year we participated in our second Walk for Children with Apraxia of Speech. Anna decided she wanted to help raise money for kids like her, and ran her own lemonade stand last September. It was a rousing success!

The Saint and the Sinner

Blogger Lisa-Jo Baker runs a “weekly writing flash mob” on her site titled Five-Minute Fridays. I’ve written several short pieces over the last year and this one from October is my favorite: based on the prompt “Welcome,” and inspired by a banner over a church door.

The Advent of Advent

‘Tis the season before the season. As November drew to a close, I wrote a post about Advent: the four weeks of anticipation leading up to Christmas. I also announced my plan to turn Fatherhood Etc. into an Advent Calendar during the month of December.

Writing a Santa List

Thanks to my Online Advent Calendar, I set a new record for number of posts in December. Of the many options available, I chose this short piece about Anna writing her own Santa List to close out my Twelve for ’12.


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