A Reading List – Continued

Reading (2005)

Photo: Julia Ozab

Last August, I posted a list of the twenty memoirs I’d read up to that point. I’ve since added twelve more to the list and here they are.

  • Blue Like Jazz – Donald Miller
  • Name All the Animals – Alison Smith
  • The Possibility of Everything – Hope Edelman
  • The Wet Engine – Brian Doyle
  • The Adventures of a Stay-At-Home Dad – Adam Fisher Bradley (Review)
  • Evolving in Monkey Town – Rachel Held Evans
  • Pilgrim at Tinker Creek – Annie Dillard
  • Life is Short, Laundry is Eternal – Scott Benner (Review)
  • The Story of a Soul – St. Thérèse of Lisieux
  • The Long Quiet Highway – Natalie Goldberg
  • Wild – Cheryl Strayed (Review)
  • Blackbird – Jennifer Lauck

Lauck’s Still Waters will probably be the next memoir I read, but before that I am spending the next month reading The Complete Stories of Flannery O’ Connor. Thirty-one stories in thirty-one days. Slower than my usual reading pace, but I want to take a full day to digest each story before moving to the next one.


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