Setting a Schedule (Part Two)


The “fantastic” opening screen of the Glove and Boots video blog.

Last April, I set a weekly blogging schedule for my Fatherhood Etc. blog. My goal was to help myself increase my blogging output by cutting back on  the “what to write” dilemma.

I have been blogging on WordPress for over three years, and during that time my audience has grown considerably . . . but facing that blank editing window every morning when I have so many other tasks in front of me is daunting if not downright depressing.

So based on some of more prevalent Twitter hashtags, and a few ideas of my own, I’m setting a schedule. I hope that with a little organization ahead of time, I can spend less time obsessing over what to write and more time actually writing.

I’m going to try the same approach here with the goal of increasing my output.  I update this site less frequently, rarely more than once or twice a month, so I’m setting a less lofty goal. Instead of five or six posts a week, I’d like to aim for two (or possibly three). Over time, I hope to increase this rate further, but for now I believe I can meet this more realistic goal by using the following schedule:

  • Teaser Tuesday. A day to post short excerpts from A Smile for Anna, with the goal of building interest as I pursue publication.
  • Writer Wednesday. Writing tips, experiences, great writing sites, exercises, etc.
  • Indie Thursday. Independent booksellers, independent publishers, independent writers. Thursday is all indie, all the time.
  • Friday Reads. Book reviews, upcoming titles that catch my interest, or whatever I happen to be reading.
  • Sample Sunday. Other excerpts, samples, works-in-progress, etc. Pretty much anything I’m working on that’s not connected to A Smile for Anna. Sort of an ongoing sketchpad.

Don’t look for all of these at first. For now, I’m going to try out a couple each week and see how it goes.

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