Guest Post Series in the Works

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A couple of years ago, I wrote about the benefits of guest posting on other blogs.

Guest posting expands your readership. So far, I’ve posted at Kurt Willems’ Pangea Blog, Alise Write!, and the Apraxia-KIDS blog. In each case, I’ve reached very different groups of readers and received great responses to my posts.

Guest posting builds relationships between writers. We’re all in the same business, but it’s only when we share work with one another and build an audience together that we truly feel like colleagues.

Guest posting helps out your host. For all the reasons Alice lists in her post—I won’t repeat them here—guest posting is mutually beneficial.

Well, I should have taken my own advice—at least more often than I did. Since then, I’ve contributed a handful of posts to the same handful of sites, but I never branched out beyond them.

Time to change that. Starting today.

I’ve just finished and submitted a guest post in response to an intriguing blog series. I’ve already researched several other blogs that regularly feature guest posts, and I plan to write and submit a new one each week.

It will probably be a few months before they’re available online, but come this fall I expect to have plenty of links to share.

Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Guest Post Series in the Works

  1. Awesome! I keep getting great thoughts and blog inspiration from you, David. I look forward to reading more! And this also inspires me to dust off a few guest posts that I started to work on and then got distracted. Thx!

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