The One-Word Writing Rule

Reading Flannery O'Connor

Photo: Anna Ozab


  1. Read books, stories, essays, blogs . . . whatever. Read anything and everything.
  2. Read what you write. Out loud. Every draft.
  3. Get someone you trust to read your drafts. This person is your alpha reader, the one your comfortable enough with to show anything to no matter how rough it is. You can choose a close friend or family member as long as he or she cares enough about you and your work to be brutally honest.
  4. Get polished work read by a larger circle of readers. Join a critique group. Find beta readers. Include writers, but also include readers who don’t write. Get a wide variety of eyes looking at your work.
  5. Find a good copy editor/proofreader. Don’t submit anything for publication until this person reads it.
  6. Read for other writers. Critique their work and support their efforts. They will do the same for you.
  7. Review the books you read. Help spread the word about good ones.

Above all, read. Always read. Until you are so full that the words pour out of you.


One thought on “The One-Word Writing Rule

  1. I always get something out of your posts. I think my take-away from this one is to review the books I read. Great idea! Seems like a no-brainer when I think about it. Thanks, David!

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