In Print … In Australia!

Mother & Baby (Australia)

Last February, I wrote a post at Fatherhood Etc. satirizing parenting fads.

First it was “Helicopter Parenting,” then the Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. Every few months, it seems there’s another parenting fad designed to sell books and magazines, increase TV ratings, and generate web hits. The latest? “Snow Plow Parenting.” … So this got me wondering. “What’s the next parenting fad?”

I then listed ten made-up “fads” only slightly more ridiculous than the ones I had read about. I hoped that one or more might catch on and wind up in print. It took several months, but in August I received this email via my contact page.

Hi David,

I’m a writer from Australian Mother & Baby magazine, and I’m writing a story on the different types of parenting; Tiger Mom, Helicopter Parent. I came across your ideas – Cheetah Mom, Octopus Mom etc. and I thought they were great ideas. I was wondering if we could feature them in our magazine? Of course we will credit you and include your blog in the article. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Jennifer Fletcher, Features Writer.

Her article is in the October/November issue, complete with this sidebar.

Article sidebar quoting my blog post.

You can read the rest of the fads here, and check out Australia Mother and Baby magazine online, subscribe electronically (on iPhone or iPad) via The App Store, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. I will post a link to the complete article once it is available online.

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