Not Afraid: A New Anthology from Civitas Press

Not Afraid cover.

It’s out today, featuring my essay “Big Fears Come in Small Packages” (excerpted from Chapters 11 and 14 of A Smile for Anna). It’s available online through Civitas Press and at  I will be receiving my own copy in a couple of weeks. Here’s a description:

Fear is a very real and powerful inhibiting experience for so many people. It keeps people locked in a state of static oppression, unable to live life. But what would happen if a group of people confronted their fear and chose to tell the story? The results would literally change their lives. And possibly yours.

In Not Afraid: Stories Of Confronting Fear, a courageous list of authors boldly sharing their stories of what it means to live daringly and with a sense of renewed purpose. You will find words of hope. You will find that it is possible to be Not Afraid.

List of Contributors

Melody Harrison Hanson, Kathy Escobar, Joy Wilson, Rich Chaffins, Janet Oberholtzer, Kerry Whalen, Richard DiPippo, Diana Trautwein, Addie Zierman, Tamara Lunardo, Sonny Lemmons, Aletheia Schmidt Sarah Bost-Askins, Alicia Brock, Travis Mamone, Misty Chaffins, Jen Rose, Juan M. Guerra, Daryl Thomson, Lore Ferguson, Ed Cyzewski, Andi Cumbo, Sarah Moon, Michelle Woodman, Jennifer Gage, David Ozab, Sherry Samuels, Ken Hagerman, Kelli Woodford, Kim Van Brunt, Mary C. M. Phillips, Shanda Sargent, and KD.


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