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My First (and Last) Attempt at Swaddling

Swaddled Anna

It looks so easy when someone else does it. (Photo: Julia Ozab)

My first guest post for Elevate Dads is an short excerpt from A Smlie for Anna describing “my first (and last) attempt at swaddling” our newborn baby. Enjoy!

I learned a lot as a new dad.

I learned how to change and feed our baby, how to comfort her and interact with her, and as she grew older I learned how to keep her out of too much mischief. Becoming a parent made me a parenting expert, with one exception.


I read that swaddling is the best way to get a newborn to sleep. I also read that it is easy to learn.

The first statement is true.

The second is a horrible lie!

But I had to find out for myself.

Read about my struggles at Elevate Dads. And check out the rest of the writers while you’re there. It’s a fairly new site, but it already boasts some great content.

Elevate Dads


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