The One Hour Freehand Freewrite Challenge

Wood block break out

Photo: Philip Serracino Inglott (CC BY-SA 3.0)

I am in a rut.

It’s been going on and off since May. A natural letdown following the high of the 2013 Faith and Culture Writing Conference, combined with the tedium of querying and a rough, emotional summer conspired to shut me down for months. I am blocked worse than I have ever been and I am struggling to get over it.

So I’ve come up with a crazy idea that just might work.

I call it the One Hour Freehand Freewrite Challenge. For one hour each day, I will put away my laptop—and all it’s built in distractions—step away from my desk, pick up a lined notebook and write. I’ll set a timer for one hour and I’ll write non-stop. Whatever comes to me. No editing, no erasing, just writing. For one hour. And when the timer beeps, I’ll stop.

Then I’ll shut the notebook. If I’m inspired to write anything based on my freewrite, great, if not, no worries.

At the end of the week, I’ll go back over what I’ve written and see what if anything is worth keeping.

I’m hoping a little bit of unedited, uncensored writing each day will get be out of my rut once and for all.


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