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Santa’s Excellent Return Policy

Anna opening presents

Photo: Julia Ozab

Merry Christmas! My latest guest post is up today at Momsicle (“probably the raddest, not-what-you’d-expect-from-a-mommy-blog-est mommy blog I know” – Clare Marie Myers, founder, Scout’s Honor Clothing Company). I am honored to have my writing featured there.

Santa’s Excellent Return Policy

“It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas!”

Anna’s excited voice woke us both up. She stood at our bedroom door, grinning and jumping up and down with excitement, her long brown hair half in her face.

“Time to get up! It’s Christmas!”

Normally, we need to go in her room and wake her each morning, but Christmas is the one day that a five-year-old is guaranteed to be up before anyone.

“We’re coming, Anna,” my wife Julia said as she sat up and gave me a nudge. “You’re coming too.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay.”

I staggered out of bed—I’ve never been a morning person—and headed straight for the coffee pot that I programmed the night before. Anna beat both of us to the kitchen and caught sight of the empty plate and glass on the counter.

“Santa came! Santa came!”

“Sure looks like it,” Julia said.

“He ate the cookies and drank the milk, and the carrot for the reindeer is gone too!”

Read what happens next at Momsicle.


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