Thirteen for ’13

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In the spirit of all those obligatory end-of-the-year roundups, here is a list of my thirteen favorite posts from Fatherhood Etc. over the last year:

Review: Speaking of Apraxia

Writer, RN,  and apraxia mom Leslie Lindsay wrote this definitive guide to childhood apraxia of speech in 2012. I reviewed this excellent book last January and have since passed it along to both Anna’s second grade teacher and speech language pathologist.

What’s the Next Parenting Fad?

I parodied some of the cliché parenting fads in this February post and some of my parodies were quoted in Mother and Baby Australia last Fall. You never know who your writing will reach.

Empowering Books for Young Girls

Anna is an excellent reader and she loves books. Here are some of the picture books she loved last March. She’s now moved on to chapter books and I need to update this list soon.

Review: Life is Short, Laundry is Eternal

Stay-at-home dad Scott Benner wrote this book about his experiences with life, laundry, and a type-1 diabetic daughter. It is a funny and moving read, and has received a lot of well-earned attention.

Telling Anna’s Story

How we discovered Anna’s apraxia and how we dealt with it. I wrote this piece for the Apraxia-KIDS blong in the Fall of 2011 and reposted it on the first Apraxia Awareness Day—May 14, 2013.

Bring Home the Beach and Paint It

A fun summer art project involving rocks, paint, and a trip to the beach.

Introducing Buddy and Knight

We lost both our pet bunnies, Jellybean and Oreo, this year. We didn’t think we’d get new pets for a while, but then a visit to Greenhill Humane Society changed our minds.

Tell Me About Apraxia, Part One

The first in a weekly series leading up the Salem Apraxia Walk. About our experience with apraxia and how kids don’t just “catch up.”

Tell Me About Apraxia, Part Two

Anna’s first experience with a cruel child. It’s a day that we never got over.

Tell Me About Apraxia, Part Three

An open letter to potential walk contributors.

Tell Me About Apraxia, Part Four

Part of my interview with Speaking of Apraxia author Leslie Lindsay.

Tell Me About Dysgraphia

Anna struggles with her handwriting too. This is the story of how we faced yet another struggle in her young life.

The Value of Giving

As Christmas approached, I wrote a post about gift exchanges and giving trees. It’s a good reminder of what Christmas should be about and a good place to end my Thirteen for ’13.

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