Detail of Mary Englebreit's 101 Ways to Love a Book.

Detail of Mary Englebreit’s 101 Ways to Love a Book.

Vacation time is over and work time has begun. I have set my goals and started my new projects. And the next question this—what about blogging?

Well, Fatherhood Etc. is plugging along quite nicely with 600 posts written since December 2010. I’m writing about four posts a week on average and I’m slowly building an audience as well as a community.

As for this page, it’s always been a trickier one to figure out. It’s about my writing career, but a writer’s career isn’t the most exciting and blog-worthy subject. Lots of writing, lots of revising, and a whole lot of editing, plus all the platform-building stuff that makes my eyes glaze over.

And through it all, the question remains—as it does with any blog—what am I offering you?

So I’m making a couple of changes here in order to refocus my blog the same way I’m refocusing my career as a whole.

The first change is subtle, so subtle that you probably hadn’t noticed it even though I made it last Friday.

Since my most recent redesign, I’ve had a slider at the top of my home pages with anywhere from five to seven “featured posts.” I the past, I posted a mix of reviews, guest posts, recent publications, book excerpts, and essays. Now if you look you’ll see that they are all book reviews.

And that’s the second change—the one you’ll start noticing over the next few weeks. In my mind there were two ways I could refocus this site to make it more beneficial to you. The first was to offer writing advice. This is a common theme of author pages and it makes sense. Who better to learn about writing from than a writer. Sometimes these sites offer technical advice, other times they give tips on pitching, querying, or building a platform. I thought about this but decided against it. I want to offer something for both writers and readers, and while all writers read (or should anyway), only a handful of readers write.

So what is the other way? The answer is at the top of the home page. I’m going to focus on reviewing the newer books I read. First, I have a short backlog to catch up. Then it’s on to my newest reads, which are sitting at home in a shipping box that arrived earlier today.

Check back regularly. I will continue writing short posts about writing and my career, and I will continue sharing publications as they come, but the focus will be on some of the other talented writers I have either met in person or online, and their newest books.

I will review them honestly and, with the exception of the occasional free review copy, without any renumeration. I hope I can share some of the wonderful books I am reading as I write, and possibly bring a wonderful new book by a talented and perhaps obscure writer to your attention.

I cannot think of a better cause to dedicate this blog to.


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