Tell Me What You’re Writing

B&W line drawing of young woman writing.

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) begins today. I’m not trying it myself—I always say “next year” and then I chicken out—but if you’re tackling it, I’d love to know what you’re writing. Please tell me your story concept in the comments below. Post either a single sentence pitch, or a paragraph at most. No spoilers wanted (if you even know them yet). I’d also like to know if you’ve planned or plotted anything (no details, just yes or no), or if you’re “pantsing” it.

I’m featuring this post for the month so I can feature you and maybe get to know you better through your story ideas. Thanks for sharing!

4 thoughts on “Tell Me What You’re Writing

  1. Desperate copy editor gets a job at a publishing house only to find out that they are staffed by and print how-to books for supernatural creatures.

  2. As a romance writer, I’m stepping into the pantsing waters and writing a sci-fi, totally non-romance novel…and I’m scared! But also loving it.

    A young man is kidnapped in relation to his parent’s secretive governmental research. While being held as a hostage, he is able to develop and refine powers that allow him to eventually break out of his prison and begin seeking revenge for the murder of his parents and his own captivity.


  3. Finally discovered where you were hiding this. Thanks for the invite to link my books.

    Out of the Darkness (Followers of Torments: Book 1) can be found here on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00NSAP7VG (Along with the rest of the international Amazon stores.)

    Or, for those who prefer other formats, you can find it here on Smashwords:

    Into the Sunlits (Followers of Torments: Book 2) has slipped a little, and has not yet been released to pre-order. I am hoping to have that by mid-November. Feel free to keep an eye on my blog, for updates. I’ll post the link once I have it. (Blog can be found here: http://pukahworks.wordpress.com/ )

    I am currently working on Remember the Shadows (Followers of Torments: Book 3) for the NaNoWriMo challenge. May not get the whole thing written before the end of the month, so am looking at a February or March release for it.

  4. The history of a fictional building. My synopsis:

    Kiddle Abbey School was founded after World War II when The Amalgamated Veggie Growers’ Daughters’ Academy purchased the home and lands of the Kiddle family. The school building itself is the Georgian residence of Squire Kiddle’s family, located on the site of a former Benedictine convent which was dissolved by Henry VIII and bestowed upon Kiddle’s ancestor. The Abbey itself dates to the tenth century. But the lands, the families, and the stories go back even farther.

    Robert Bunson Burns, current headmaster of the school, has written a provocative and insightful history of the place that is now Kiddle Abbey School. Filled with anecdotes from the current staff and students, this book explores the stories and traditions that surround this remarkable edifice.

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