Eight Terrible Titles

Pooh Gets Stuck

There’s a fun hashtag going around Twitter called #8TerribleTitles. It’s an invitation to an ongoing blog hop where writers take eight random phrases from their manuscript and turn them into terrible titles for hypothetical books. My colleague Kiersi Burkhart and her fellow Sweet Sixteens writers jumped into the fun last week and now I’m crashing the party. Here are the rules, “as easy as 1,2,3”  on Jayme Woods’ writing blog:

(1) Open your manuscript and scroll to a random passage
(2) The word or phrase where your cursor lands is your first terrible title
(3) Repeat until you have eight terrible titles

So here are my #8TerribleTitles from the first volume of my ongoing chapter-book series in progress, along with a short description of each imagined book…

  1. Teleporting? No Fair! A very self-involved YA sci-fi novel.
  2. Our Only Chance to Save Earth! A heavy-handed, environmental tome.
  3. Whole Grain, It’s Good for You. A cookbook—not recommended for people with gluten issues.
  4. Sunlight Like Fairy Wands. A bad New-Agey romance. (Like there’s any other kind?)
  5. Go Away, I’m Invisible. A MG book about a teenaged girl who “no one understands!”
  6. Flicking His Cheerios at Me. A parenting book dealing with sibling conflicts.
  7. How to Escape the Piranhas. Yet another guide to getting ahead in the business world.
  8. Doofus! Eli Manning’s memoir.

For more terrible titles, check out #8TerribleTitles on Twitter.

One thought on “Eight Terrible Titles

  1. Most of those actually could work as they stand. Especially with the descriptions you’ve put up about them. I saw this come through on FB, and had a laugh with it. Now, the titles I wound up with really WERE bad. Might have to fish out that post just to grimace in shame from it. Then laugh.

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