Introducing Adventure Anna!

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Meet Adventure Anna, a seven-year-old girl who’s a cross between Indiana Jones and Junie B. Jones.

It’s the third week of second grade, and Anna is the new kid in school. She has no friends, but she’s already found an enemy who constantly teases her in front of their snickering classmates. If only everyone could see the amazing things that she sees and share in her exciting adventures!

All is takes is one kid—a girl named Samantha—to break with the crowd and be her friend. They’ll travel together to a city of gold in search of a missing crown, and then return to a fierce playground competition where Adventure Anna’s skills will be put to the test.

And Samantha knows that “this will be epic!”

Last Fall, I wrote first drafts of the first five books in the series. Each is about 9,000 words long and meant to appeal to second and third grade girls and boys whose adventures are as exciting as their imaginations. Here are the titles so far.

  • Adventure Anna Saves the Day!
  • Adventure Anna and the Mysterious Mystery
  • Adventure Anna and the Time Machine
  • Adventure Anna and the Holiday Caper
  • Adventure Anna and the Snow Monsters

I’m polishing the first volume to pitch while working on the others and brainstorming ideas for more books. I have a list of about two dozen more speculative titles, and lots of input from Anna.

Stay tuned. With her imagination as my guide,”this will be epic!”

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