My Pedal Board, Part Four

boss ns2

Each Monday,  I’ve taken a walk down “memory lane” and revisited my guitar setup from my playing days. I started with my guitar, then followed up with my amplifier, and four weeks ago I started with the gadgets in between–my pedals.

I thought about listing them chronologically, but while I can kind of remember the order I bought them in, I’m not completely sure. Instead, I’m following the signal path from my guitar to my amplifier. In Part One, I talked about the pedals I plugged in before my pre-amp. In Part Two, I discussed the key effect for any rock guitarist. Distortion. And in Part Three, I talked about modulation pedal.

Now I move on to the last, and most essential pedal on my pedal board.

It doesn’t make any sound. Instead, it keeps the other pedals quiet. And that is the most important job of all.

So why have I spent so much time lately writing about guitar gear on my author/writing site? Well, the old cliche “write what you know” is true, and it’s good advice. I’ve written a non-fiction book about being the parent of a young child with a cleft lip and a motor-speech disorder, I’m working on a chapter-book series about a seven-year-old adventurer based on my own daughter’s adventurous spirit, and now I’m researching a possible novel.

It’s about an alt-rock band formed in 1990, and the characters are based on musicians I knew and played with in my younger days. It’s also about America before September 11th, what was lost that day, and how we changed as a country since then.

It’s a big project, and it means branching out into yet another genre–mainstream fiction–but it’s a story I know and I think I can tell it well.

And perhaps it’s the project that will finally bring my musical and writing talents together. We’ll just have to see.

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